Leagues & Tournaments

The Pickle Factory offers various Pickleball Leagues, Tournaments, Round Robins and other Competitive and Fun Events throughout the year. Some of the events are designed for individuals to register for and some are for teams. 

To view the actual dates, times, and availability and to register, please visit our CourtReserve Online System. You can also download the CourtReserve App from the App Store.


SCRAMBLE PLAY (King and Queen of the Court)  

Our Ladder Scramble Play is designed for those wanting competitive gameplay. Work your way to the top of the ladder in one of our  two-hour sessions.


Our ladder leagues are made for people who prefer regular, competitive gameplay. Come join our ladder as we see who can make it to the top each week. Who will be the session champs? You must sign up for the entire 6-8 week session for this league.


Weekly play and incremental pickleball teaching are included in our instructional leagues. These leagues are made for people who want to develop and use all of their newly learned skills while playing tiered pickleball. Join us as we learn the foundations of pickleball in a friendly and helpful setting.


Our partner leagues are designed for those who want to practice with their partner or we will try to match you with someone.


The Pickle Factory will periodically sponsor traditional pickleball competitions and collaborate with other groups and organizations to support their events and tournaments.