pickleball (2)-1Pickleball

  1. What is pickleball?

    Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Two or four players use paddles to hit a perforated ball, like a Wiffle Ball, over a net. Please visit our Rules page for more information.

  2. I've never played before. Can I still join?

    Absolutely! The Pickle Factory welcomes players of all skill levels. We have a spot for you, whether you're brand new or just brushing up on the basics. Visit our "I've Never Played" page for more details.

Courts and Facility

  1. Where are You Located?

    Pickle Factory is located at 2302 E Churchville Rd. Bel Air, Maryland. The building is behind the WaWa Gas Station, next to The Arena Club.

  2. How do I reserve a court?

    All court rentals must be reserved and paid for in advance by the person booking the court(s). The court rental cost is based on your membership package, location, and date and time. With our online CourtReserve system you will be able to view all court availabilities and the prices for each time and location you are interested in.

  3. What are the Private Court fees?

    Gold- 25/hr. (Gold free, Silver and Bronze are 7.50/pp per hour)

    Silver-35/hr. (Gold and Silver free, Bronze is 7.50/pp per hour)

    Bronze- 50/hr. NON Primetime only. Before 4 pm on weekdays and after 1 pm on weekends until close. 

  4. Are there any additional amenities at your facility?

    Absolutely! We have a member's lounge with drinks and snacks available.

  5. Is there a waiting area for spectators or family members?

    Yes, we have a designated area for spectators to relax and watch the games.

  6. What's the court surface made of?
    Our indoor courts are made of professional sport master Pickleball surfacing. They're designed for optimal play and safety.


  1. How do I sign up for a membership to the Pickle Factory?
    Join online at www.mypicklefactory.com or download the Court Reserve App from the App Store. Join Pickle Factory and choose your membership to set up an account. You will be able to book court time, sign up for drop-ins, classes, clinics, leagues, socials, or view upcoming events. 

  2. Is a membership required to play?

    While a paid membership isn't mandatory, you must have at least an account set up on the Pickle Factory CourtReserve App. The App is free, however, there is a minimum annual membership fee (Bronze Member) of $25 for account maintenance. Opting for a paid membership provides players with cost savings and access to special benefits. Please view our Membership page for more details.

  3. Is there a membership fee?

    Our Gold and Silver memberships are billed monthly at rates of $100/mo and $50/mo, respectively. Our walk-in, Bronze membership, doesn’t have a monthly fee. Visit our Membership page for more information.

  4. Are there different types of memberships available?

    Yes, we offer three tiers of membership: Gold, Silver, and Bronze (Walk-Ins). Each tier has its own set of benefits and fees. Please view our Membership page for more details.

  5. How long does a membership last? Is it annual or monthly?

    Gold and Silver are a year commitment which can be billed 1 time, or in 12 monthly payments. 

  6. What are the benefits of becoming a member?

    Membership benefits vary by tier:

    1. Gold Membership: Unlimited Open Play before 4 pm and until 9 pm on weekdays, ONE Open Play on weekdays 4-9 pm, and on weekends. This is to ensure that all members have availability and a great experience. Additional Open Play, when available and approved by the front desk, is 7.50 per 2-hour Open Play session. Private court rentals 25/hr (see above for Silver, Bronze, and guest rules) no restrictions on court rentals. 14-day priority and advanced reservations and discounts.
    2. Silver Membership: Unlimited Open Play before 4 pm and until 9 pm on weekdays at 7.50 per two-hour Open Play session. ONE Open Play reservation between 4 pm and 9 pm on weekdays, and weekends. This is to ensure all members have availability and a great experience. Additional Open Play, when available and approved by the front desk, is 15.00 per 2-hour Open Play session. Private Court Rentals 35/hr (see above for Gold, Bronze, and guest rules) no restrictions on court rentals. 7-day advanced registration.
    3. Bronze (Walk-Ins) Membership: All Open Play is 15.00 per person per 2-hour session. May be a guest on a Gold or Silver private court rental at 7.50 per person per hour. May rent a private court at 50/hr. NON-PRIMETIME ONLY (before 4 pm and until 9 pm) and after 1 pm on weekends. 2-day reservation, No discounts.

    Please view our Membership page for a more detailed breakdown.

  7. How Do I View And Register For Open Play?
    To view the actual dates, times, and availability and to register for Open Play, please visit our CourtReserve Online System. You can also download the CourtReserve App from the App Store.

  8. What is the Pickle Factory Cancellation Policy?
    We understand things happen and sometimes you need to change or cancel a reservation for Open Play, Clinics, Court Rentals, or other Programs you have registered. Paid Memberships automatically renew each month or year, depending on your Membership type. To cancel your membership, you must call the Pickle Factory and speak to a Representative.

Open Play Sessions & Court Rentals
Open Play sessions and Court Rentals can be canceled on the CourtReserve system online up to 48 hours before the scheduled time for full credit. Cancellations within 48 hours can only be done by emailing the Pickle Factory and may not be eligible for a credit based on the reason, length of time before the scheduled session, and the number of other last-minute cancellations by the same member.

Clinics & Lessons
If you need to cancel your Lesson or Clinic, please do so online on the CourtReserve system. An account credit will be issued for all cancellations made at least 48 hours before your Clinic or Lesson. Please call us at 410-914-5423 if you have to cancel less than 48 hours before your scheduled Lesson or Clinic. Lessons and Clinics rescheduled or canceled with less than a 48-hour notice may result in a $15 rescheduling/cancellation fee.

Cancellations and No-Shows
All players (members and non-members) are expected to follow the normal Cancellation procedures for Events and Programs. Members simply not “Showing Up” for any Open Play Sessions, or Other Programs, without any notification, may still be charged the normal member price, even if the session is part of their number of free sessions per month. Excessive Cancellations or “No Shows” may result in loss of membership and access to Pickle Factory's future events, rentals, and programs.

  1. How do I cancel my membership?
    Once you have fulfilled your original agreement obligation of one year.  ALL CANCELLATION REQUESTS MUST BE COMPLETED IN PERSON OR MAILED TO THE PICKLE FACTORY BY CERTIFIED MAIL. YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE NEXT BILLING DATE.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

The Arena Club

  1. Is the Pickle Factory included in the arena club membership?
    No, however, the outdoor courts are always available to Arena Club members. Arena Club members have first “dibs” on Pickle factory memberships and receive discounts.

  2. Do I have to belong to the Arena Club to join the Pickle Factory?
    No, however, if you are interested in childcare, stretching classes, pools, sauna, whirlpools, or full amenity locker rooms you can join both at a discounted rate.

  3. What kind of discount does Arena Club members gets?
    Arena Club members will not be required to pay the initiation fee. Silver Memberships are $10 less per month. There are only 400 memberships (Gold and Silver) available in total. Arena Club members get first “Dibs”.

CourtReserve App 

  1. What is CourtReserve?BK1_1066
    CourtReserve is our online player, event and court management tool for you to view, register and pay for anything at the Pickle Factory. CourtReserve can be accessed online or you can download the CourtReserve App from your favorite App Store.

  2. Is the app available on both Android and iOS?

  3. Do I need to pay to download or use the app?
    No, the app is free to download and use. Simply navigate to your app store search for "CourtReserve" and install without any charges.

  4. Can I directly book courts, lessons, and other services from the app?

  5. Will I receive notifications or reminders for my bookings through the app?

  6. Who should I contact if I encounter issues with the app?
    Joe Ocampo, Pickleball Director jocampo@thearenaclub.com

  7. How secure is my personal information on the app?
    Please read about CourtReserve in your App Store for more information on security and privacy.

  8. Why Can I Not Register for a Specific Event?
    If you get an error message when trying to register for an Event, most likely it is because you are not eligible, or do not meet the special requirements to register for this specific Event. The most common is Player Rating. Many of the Events require players to have a certain Player Rating. If you do not have a Player Rating or are interested in having your current Player Rating reevaluated, just let the front counter staff know the next time you visit.

  9. ERROR – “No Family Members are eligible. See restrictions below.”
    If you get an error message when trying to register for an Event, most likely it is because you are not eligible, or meet the special requirements to register for this specific Event. The most common is Player Rating. Many of the Events require players to have a certain Player Rating. If you do not have a Player Rating or are interested in having your current Player Rating reevaluated, just let the front counter staff know the next time you are at the Pickle Factory.


  1. How do I join a league?
    Download the CourtReserve App, choose your league, and book. 

  2. Are there different league levels based on skill?

  3. When do leagues typically play? Weekdays or Weekends?

  4. Are there any age restrictions for league participation?
    16 or older, except for the under-16 league. 

  5. What is the league play format (e.g. doubles, mixed)?
    There are different league offerings; individual, team, co-ed, etc.

  6. How long does a league season last, and are there playoffs or championships?
    Most will be 6 weeks, some will have playoffs that can last up to 2 weeks.

  7. How are league matches scheduled?
    League matches are scheduled based on the availability of courts and the number of teams and players in the league. Visit our Leagues page for specific scheduling details. 

Lessons & Clinics

  1. Do you offer lessons and training? BK1_5468-1
    The Pickle Factory is the best place to learn, perfect, and play Pickleball in Maryland! Our Pickleball Training Academy and professional staff of instructors are ready to help all players from beginners to advanced levels to improve their game and have more fun playing Pickleball.

  2. How often are lessons and clinics held?
    See CourtReserve for the schedule.

  3. Do I need to be a member to enroll in lessons or clinics?

  4. What are the costs associated with lessons and clinics?
    Cost can vary according to membership and time.

  5. Do you offer private lessons?
    Yes. Private, semi-private, and small group.

  6. Are there group training sessions or workshops available?
    Yes. Group, workshop, and skills and drills.

  7. How do I know which lesson or clinic is right for my skill level?
    If you are unsure, please speak to our lesson coordinator or Pickleball Director.

  8. Are there age-specific lessons or clinics for children or seniors?
    We offer a range of lessons catering to different age groups, from kids and seniors. Visit our Lessons & Clinics page for specific offerings. 

Player Rating

  1. What is a player rating?

    A player rating is a system used to gauge a Pickleball player's skill level and experience. It ranges from 1.0 (beginner) to 6.0 (advanced) and helps ensure that players are matched with opponents of similar abilities during games, leagues, or tournaments. The rating considers various aspects of a player's game, such as serving, returning, positioning, strategy, and overall game awareness. Once provided with a rating, players can be assured to play events with like skill levels to maximize their enjoyment of the game! 

    If you do not have a rating or would like to be reevaluated, please see one of our directors the next time you are at an Open Play session or Guest Services Desk at the Pickle Factory.

  2. How is the 1.0 - 6.0 player rating determined?

    1.0 - 3.75 is self-rated based on the USA Pickleball chart. 4.0+ must be either DUPR, USAPA, or approved by 2 Pros.

  3. How often should I update or check my player rating?

  4. Do ratings affect league placements or lesson groupings?

  5. Can I see the ratings of other players?

Playing & Matchmaking

  1. Can I play with my friends, or will I be matched with other players?
    Both. You can play with your friends, or we can match you with players of a similar skill level for evenly matched games.

  2. Can I Add My Name to A Waitlist?
    Some sessions may allow you to sign up for a Waitlist if the session is full. A Credit Card on file is required to be added from the Waitlist to the Open Play Session. Players will be automatically added and charged if it is more than 2 hours before the start of the session. If there is a cancellation within the 2-hour window, a Pickle Factory staff member will contact you before you are added. Players should drop themselves from the Waitlist at any time if they do not want to be added automatically by the system up to 2 hours before.

  3. What about Guests that are out of town?
    All out-of-town guests and non-gold, silver, and bronze, can only play on a Member or bronze private court rental. Each guest is 7.50 per person per hour.

  4. What is a Drop-In?  
    Drop-ins are 2-hour sessions where individuals can sign up to play with other individuals. Players will rotate partners throughout the session. There are over 500 Drop-in slots available for reservation. Drop-ins are FREE to Gold members, $7.50 per session for Silver, and $15 per session for Bronze (non-members). Gold can register 14 days in advance, Silver 7 days, and Bronze (non-member) 2 days.

Equipment & Attire

  1. What's the attire? Do I need any special equipment?
    We recommend Court shoes and comfortable athletic wear, a paddle, and a ball.

  2. Will there be a shop or rentals?
    The Pickle Factory has several Pickleball paddles and other equipment and supplies available for you to try out and purchase. Paddles are also available for rent and custom orders can be handled for all the top brands of paddles.