Elevate Your Game

You’ve Honed Your Skills – We’ve Perfected the Venue


Not All Courts Are Created Equal

All too often, unpredictable weather, subpar courts, and a lack of worthy opponents can leave you longing for the perfect game. Add in the long drives to less-than-average facilities only to wait forever and amplify your frustration. Will you ever find a place to play that lives up to your expectations?

You shouldn’t have to compromise quality or go out of your way to feed your passion for pickleball.


At the Pickle Factory, we ensure perfect play conditions to maximize the fun for players of all skill levels

Pickleball player

Where Sophistication Meets Sport

Dive into a world made for the player who can’t get enough of pickleball — where luxury, professional-grade facilities, and a community of passionate players unite.

Gold Member Benefits
Unwind and strategize for your next game at the beautiful member's lounge. Enjoy a beautiful second-level observation area with big-screen TVs, plush seating, snacks and beverages. From post-game drinks to networking with fellow pros, it’s all about the premium experience.

  • First Dibs on Prime Time Play: Enjoy two weeks of advanced booking.

  • Waived Court Fees: Say goodbye to court fees; they’re on us.

  • Exclusive Access: Access to elite events and the member's lounge where you can enjoy a country club experience.


Join a League — Where the Best Meet and Compete

Join a league crafted for the truly dedicated. Here, those who play day in and day out can showcase their skills, strategize against equally passionate players, and dive into tournaments all about the love of the game. Every match and win puts you closer to becoming a pickleball legend.

Dare to be legendary?


Lessons and Clinics with Gold Medalist Coaches

We know that every pickleball player has unique strengths. Our gold medalist coaches:

  • Personalize training to hone your individual skills,

  • Address areas of improvement,

  • And elevate your game.

Bringing together years of competitive experience and an unrivaled understanding of the game, our trainers focus on more than just physical skills. Training is holistic, encompassing court vision, tactical adaptability, and more. We nurture a complete pickleball athlete ready to conquer challenges at the highest level.

Pickleball rackets and ball

Don’t Settle for Less Than Perfect Pickleball

For those who play all the time, settling for anything short of perfection isn’t just a miss — it’s a significant setback. The frustration of playing on subpar courts, battling unpredictable conditions, or finding yourself mismatched against opponents shadows your passion for the sport.

Why settle for less? By joining the Pickle Factory, you’re not just becoming a member — you’re choosing to elevate every aspect of your game in an elite arena. Every opponent you face will challenge you and refine your skills. And we don’t stop at perfect matchups.

At The Pickle Factory, you can:

  • Learn from gold-medal-winning coaches and gain expertise that has shaped champions.

  • Compete in our leagues — where the best meet to test and showcase their skills.

  • Enjoy our lounge and the camaraderie of like-minded pros who appreciate the game as much as you do.

Here, a match isn’t just a game — it’s passion ignited.