specialty Clinics

Are you prepared to boost your pickleball game?

Consider enrolling in one of the Specialty Clinics if you have finished the Beginner Clinic Series 101 and 102 or have been playing pickleball for a time. Specialty clinics are normally arranged for specific player levels. (2.0–3.0 Beginner, 3.0–3.5 Intermediate, 3.5–4.0+ Advanced) so that all players can compete against opponents who have the same or a similar player level. A list and description of the specialty clinics available can be found below.

Pre-registration and pre-payment can be made at CourtReserve Online System.

panoramic view of indoor pickleball courts


This clinic will primarily focus on player development around game-based situations with a focus on specialty shots, formations, and strategies that are level-appropriate. Skills that will be covered include serve, serve return, transitional shots, overheads & lobs, and dinking.


This clinic is an opportunity to play WITH an instructor who can provide immediate feedback and tips. The instructor will play with each of the three participants to work on strategies and decision-making tactics.

YOU CHOOSE Clinic/Lesson

With the “YOU CHOOSE” Clinic or Lesson option, YOU can sign up for a specific date and time and then you can choose the kind of clinic or lesson you would like us to schedule for you. Following receipt of your registration, we will change the clinic or lesson type and send you an invoice for the appropriate amount. If you are signing up for a clinic, we will let other people sign up online for the clinic type you selected depending on your player level. Please email Joe Ocampo, jocampo@mypicklefactory.com, and include any special requests if you want this clinic to remain private or if you have any other requests.

Please contact Joe Ocampo at, jocampo@mypicklefactory.com, if you or your organization is interested in booking a custom lesson, clinic, or special group event.